The Help Desk

We are currently using this area for frequently asked questions,
but in the future we plan to develop it into an area where users can seek help for any problems they may have on site.

General Queries

Do you have openings for staff positions? And if so, where can I apply?
We are currently not looking for any staff, however we would greatly appreciate if anybody wishing to put their name down to be part of staff in the future gets in contact with us.

If you feel that you are up to working with us as either an artist, writer, moderator or programmer
then feel free to send us an email at!

Is there a discord or outside forum?
We have a staff only forum that will be used during closed development,
but other than that the only place open for the public to join is our Discord.

Development Related

How long will development be?
We are hopeful that we can work towards a three year limit on development,
but that's a rough estimate and if needed then we will take more time in order to produce
the site that we and everyone else would love to play!

Can anyone register during Open Development?
During open development anybody can register, although there will be a wipe
before we go into beta and anything on your account will be deleted in the process.

Will your entire account be deleted during the wipe?
Yes, your entire account will be deleted during our first wipe.
We have yet to one, but will make a news post with information regarding it before we do one.
However during the wipes thereafter we may keep account names/and their contents, although this has yet to be decided and is subject to change.

Where can I go to get news and updates about Seripets when it goes into closed development?
We will be regularly updating in our social media (Twitter and Facebook) as well our Discord server once the site has closed for development.

Feel free to follow or join us on any of them by clicking their names above!

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